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Company History

Founded in 2012, the GPME Group is the largest entertainment and talent marketing agency. Housing 6 divisions and more than 16 essential services in house, they have helped clients gain exposure to over 25 million people digitally. We have spent the last 4 years developing better relationships that allow us to better serve our clients.

Freedom for all who seek it.

The GPME Group is an entrepreneur facility, where words like “boss” and “employee” are not allowed. Our service providers are seasoned business owners who have an agreement with us to provide 65% off their market rates to GPME Group clients only! Essentially our clients get to thrive and succeed using the relationships we have established.

At the GPME Group, we are the assurance of a quality product. Our product is delivered in quality time with everything offered at 100% guaranteed satisfaction. We can guarantee this because, in standing as your middle man, we hold your payment until the service provider finishes your project completely.


Tom Guzman

Christian Honore-Phyfier
CEO/Founder GPME

Drew Nullmeyer

Martin Owens
Music Division President

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2200 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
+1-(480) 712-6747

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