Music Studios

Our music studio is thoughtfully designed with best features and presents sound design services at its best. One of the remarkable features of our music studio is the use of state of the art technology and advanced tools that can spin and create interesting music, voice-overs, sounds, and can help in telling creative stories of products, people, and companies.


We are unlike basic recording studios in that we do not charge an hourly rate for services offered. Our members receive Unlimited Music Recording for only $250 a month. We limit our memberships so that there is not an overage of clients. The best part is, our studios remain 100% exclusive to our members and we get to work closely with helping develop their careers.

What makes our music studio stands apart is our out-of-the-box ideas, creativity, and work efficiency in creating value for our clients. With a dedicated and supremely talented team, and best technological amalgamation in the form of soundproof and vibration-isolated spaces to beautifully capture the story, narration, music, voiceovers etc we take care of all possible needs of our clients.

Additional Features of our Studio include:

Use of advanced equipment such as:

  • Baby Blue Bottle
  • Touch Screen Mixing Board
  • Pro Tools V12
  • Avalon Mic Compressor
  • Reel to Reel
  • Neve Bae 1073
  • Swanky In-studio lounge area
  • Custom touch screen Neve based, Mixing console
  • Full Suite of Slate Plugins

Dedicated sound room with dimensions 11.5 x 11M

IP and phone connections for remote VO or client involvement during the project

Separate engineering room with measurements 17.5 x 12.5

Commercial? Music Video? Photo Shoot? Send Us Your Idea!


2200 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
+1-(480) 712-6747

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