Shared Office Space

Shared office space

We understand the need of our clients for the shared office space while their project is getting worked upon. We have various shared business amenities and services that can help our clients business succeed along with ours.

We offer various client amenities to welcome our clients to the shared office space and lounge area. These spaces are huge, extremely comfortable with large windows, plenty of light and high ceilings to create a comfortable and safe working space.

Various features of our client amenity services include:

Our shared office space is thoughtfully designed with a great architectural sense and a creative blend where the walls have been reinforced and sound-proofed and also new glass window is attached to the voice over booth in order to make the rooms quieter for various purposes such as VO recording, sound mixing, and ADR.

Other features include:

  • An impressive reception area
  • Large office area with collaborative workstations and huge windows & room for multiple desks to work
  • Other facilities including wireless connectivity, printers, refrigerator, microwave, snacks, bars, LED TV, and additional storage spaces
  • Access to Conference rooms is also available
  • Locker facility available for various storage needs

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